Saturday, September 29, 2012

small revenge

I made a small revenge against the veganhippie today.  He sat with 3300 and some odd amount of chips, seemingly the end of his bankroll, at 25/50 PLO8 on Seals.

I hit him with a check-raise on the flop and another one on the turn, with QcTcAx2x on a Jx9c4c6c board.  Hippie made a worse flush and worse low draw, so he had no choice but to fall for the trap and get scooped. 

It's not always easy being green.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

why I play for bitcoins

Bitcoin is a new technology that I would describe as a magical way to move money around. You can do your own research for a more technical explanation.

Before my divorce I read something and invested a small amount, to try it out. I won a sports bet, then managed to grind my little bankroll of 3 bitcoins up to 58 bitcoins, during the last month living with my wife while we weren't really talking to each other.

Since then I've gotten it as high as 106 bitcoins, before I got into trouble against the veganhippie, down to 90 bitcoins and now up to 98.56.

I enjoy grinding bitcoins. The ecosystem is small, but there's a more vibrant feel to it than to the US dollar websites. (Bitcoin has been steadily gaining value. People who own bitcoins are probably less likely to be affected by a decline in the mainstream economy. There are no complications depositing and withdrawing that weed it down to only serious players.)

I like playing HU and short-handed, so there's enough action for me to make it my primary grind. I don't need a million tables or a big tournament schedule.

I don't have many expenses anyways, basically just food, gas, and litter for my cat. (And I really don't even NEED gas, I can just stay parked for a few days if I'm running bad. And I can let the cat crap on the floor if it was really that urgent.) What's most important to me is that my money is safe and that I can quickly withdraw it when I want it.

I also have a gut feeling that the value of bitcoins will continue going up.

So that's why I play poker for bitcoins. If anyone reading this blog ever needs help exchanging in and out of bitcoins, don't hesitate to let me know.

I also play on the Merge and Revolution networks, but I find myself putting less time, money, and concentration into them.  Why do I want to play against nits for a declining currency that's a hassle to withdraw?  I'm also getting sick of being moved to a new skin or even a new network whenever the sites jumble themselves around to be able to keep skirting the law or what have you.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Tilting night in the BTC poker arena. I was playing Scumpson, at 50/100 PLO8 on Sealswithclubs. (This is ~$120 buy-in, for anyone who doesn't know.) Scumpson can play good sometimes, but on this night I was just much better than him. Nothing was gonna go wrong.

Then the veganhippie sat down. This offered a new twist, and the veganhippie ran really good against me. He got it in kind of bad twice and came away with a scoop and a chop.

Later I raised 8867 (spades) on the button, and player 'sub' re-raised from the SB. Flop came 974 with 2 spades. He bet, I shoved, he elected to just call to save himself the chance to get lucky on the turn and then feel like he didn't get it in bad, turn was a red ace, he put in the rest, I made the curse/call, and he found a way to scoop with A336.

Sometimes that happens, sometimes you lose. But it's too bad it happened playing the 50/100 level. If I ran bad yesterday instead of today it would have been less costly. I had 106 bitcoins, now I have 90.

I'm recently divorced, living in my van while I travel through the USA. It's the best method I can think of to achieve my lifelong dream of professional internet poker playing. I'm starting here in rural Washington D.C., and I'll travel West. Eventually making it to Las Vegas, NV, where I will try my destiny at the 2013 World Series of Poker.

Follow my journey, root me on.