Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ieatfish, they ask me, how do you make the big bucks at online poker?  Do you have to multi-table?

That's up to you.  I have never used a HUD.  I consider myself a "pure" internet poker player.

Now, there's nothing wrong with using a HUD.  I wish the sites were set up in a way where they weren't an option. But naturally people will use them so long as it works, and I don't blame them. I just personally haven't gone down that route.

Which is another thing I like about playing on Seals.  HUDs don't work there. 

A typical Ieatfish session may look something like this: A short-handed or HU game or two on Seals, maybe a sng or three on Merge, and then full-ring tables on Cake network (to me it will always be Cake, not "Revolution"). 

The Cake network pays rakeback according to the "dealt hands" model. So I min-buy on those tables, and if in doubt play nitty/textbook poker.  And then generate rakeback (and hopefully some +EV chip movement in its own right) without taking up too much focus.

And on the other hand, Seals has the best action for short-handed play.  Some of the players are good, but usually not in the nitty/disciplined way.  And some players are downright bad.  So I like to be on my toes for those games.

That's my general strategy for multi-tabling.  If you can handle 20 tables at a time, more power to you.  I would suggest though that you're not really learning to play optimal poker this way (it's not possible to play optimal while you have that much going on), you're learning to play very marginal poker and multiplying it by 20. So even if you're a mass table grinder, I would suggest doing some 1-2 table practice.  You never know when you'll be in a situation where you'll want a strong A-game.

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